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Get A Fair Cash Offer From A Local Cash Home Buyer.

we buy land Texas Texas

We Buy Texas Land as-is! No Realtors, No Repairs, & No Cleaning. Fill Out the Form to Get Your Fast CASH Offer Now.

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buy your vacant land Texas Texas

We Buy Land In Texas
“Sell My Land Fast For Cash”

Looking to sell some land fast? We buy land Texas for cash, and can help you turn your property into cash within weeks!

we buy your land Texas Texas

Welcome to Texas Cash House Buyer. We’re cash land buyers who buy land directly from landowners in Texas, no matter the size or location. And we pay cash. When you work with us, you’ll get a fast, hassle-free process without the frustrations and waiting periods that many people experience with traditional real estate routes. Plus, we work directly with you, on your terms. There are no estate agents, no hidden costs, and no landscaping requirements needed when you sell to us.

selling land for cash Texas Texas

Shayla was so helpful and honest! She was genuinely interested in helping us with our home and giving us the best advice for our needs. She eased so many of our worries with her knowledge and experience! Highly recommend Texas Cash House Buyer!!!

Jill C.

we buy vacant land Texas Texas

Cash Land Buyers In Texas

I’m Shayla! The Texas Cash House Buyer and I’m here to make your Texas land-selling experience as convenient, fast, and stress-free as possible!

selling land online Texas Texas

Texas Cash House Buyer is a cash land-buying business that provides fast cash to owners who want to sell land and other realty. We’ve helped plenty of families and landowners like you sell their land fast in Texas.

At Texas Cash House Buyer, we’re professional buyers and sellers who buy land and pay cash. Not only do we buy land, but we simplify the whole selling process and can buy land fast. You’re in the right place if you want to sell your land without all the usual stress. We’ll buy land directly from you, the landowner. Our process is fast and straightforward. Whether you have mobile homes, vacant lots, or acreage you need to sell, we can make you a fair cash offer and take it off your hands. Unlike the traditional real estate route, our process isn’t complicated. There are no showings or long waiting periods involved either. Need more information about our process? Contact us to see how easy it is to sell your lot or land for cash.

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selling land Texas Texas

Nicest people ever! The process to sell was so easy with Shayla’s help! I was so glad to find them. I had several cash offers made and Texas Cash House Buyer was the highest. I was leery of going this route to sell my home for cash but I have no regrets and I can not praise Shayla more.

Hortense D.

We Buy Land In Texas In All Situations

Need to sell your vacant land for cash fast? There are plenty of reasons to sell your property or land for cash. Property taxes in Texas fluctuate with the market yearly, and you may not be able to keep up with all the taxes, insurance, or mortgage payments. Alternatively, you may not want the land anymore, despite its value. Additional reasons may include:

sell my land for cash Texas Texas Too many repairs to deal with

If your land is falling apart – the lot is overgrown, it’s infested with pests – don’t stress. We’ll handle it. Sell it for cash, and we’ll take it off your hands fast.

sell my vacant land Texas Texas Avoiding foreclosure

Sell your property to avoid foreclosure, we can buy your land fast and pay cash. This can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

sell your land Texas Texas Relocating

Need to relocate to a new area for a job or move closer to family? Sell your property and we’ll buy your land fast and pay you cash.

sell my land fast Texas Texas Tired of being a landlord

Asking for monthly rent from tenants can be a pain. If you’re tired of being a landlord, having a rental, or having unreliable tenants, sell your lot or land to us.

sell my land Texas Texas Going through divorce

If you’re going through a messy divorce, we can help. We can buy your land fast, pay cash, and let you move on with your life.

sell your land fast Texas Texas Inherited Land

If you have inherited land that you don’t want, sell it to us. We’ll happily buy it and pay in cash.

How Do I Sell My Land Fast For Cash In Texas?

Wondering how to get a fast cash offer for your land? There are three easy steps involved when you sell your property or land for cash.

Step 1

how to sell your vacant land Texas Texas

The first step is to contact us. We have a straightforward, fast process. You can complete our form and tell us all about your vacant land or property.

Step 2

how to sell your land for cash Texas Texas

Once we have all the details of your land or property, we’ll take a look at it. By evaluating it, we can give you a fair offer.

Step 3

how to sell your land fast Texas Texas

The final step is signing the paperwork, handing over the title, giving us the keys, and getting your cash.

Sell Your Texas Land for cash, close on your schedule, and pay all closing costs!

We Buy Land For Cash In Texas


The biggest benefit when you sell your property or land to land buyers who pay cash is you won’t need to do any landscaping or make any repairs, like fixing your gate. We’re honest when we say, we’ll buy your vacant land, vacant lot, or property “as-is.” Prepping your land for sale can end up costing quite a bit and putting a dent in your finances. If you don’t have that kind of money, that’s fine. Just show us your land, and we’ll pay cash when we buy it.


Another advantage when you sell your property or land fast for cash is you don’t have to deal with agents in the process. You can communicate directly with the land buyers – us! Not only do you get to cut out the middleman, you won’t have to pay commission. Going through a realtor can slow down the entire sales process. But when we buy your lot or land, you’ll be dealing only with us. You’ll keep the agent’s fees, and you’ll get to sell your land fast in a straightforward process.


Finally, you won’t have to pay all the fees involved when you sell your property or land. When Texas land buyers buy your property, you don’t have to pay a listing fee to get your land listed. There are also no inspection fees, appraisal fees, valuation fees, or closing costs. In fact, you don’t even have to advertise that your land is for sale! You can sell your land fast to us and get the full amount of cash offered without any fee deductions. When we buy your lot, land, or property, we don’t require you to jump through any financial hoops. We believe you should maximize your return, not spend money when you sell your property or land. When we buy your property or land and pay cash, we let you do just that!

Sell Your Texas Property Fast For Cash Today!

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sell your vacant land Texas Texas

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Where We Buy Land In Texas

Looking to sell your land fast in Texas? We buy land in Texas for cash. When you contact our office, you’ll get a professional and trusted business that specializes in buying and investing in different kinds of land. Whether you have land for agricultural use, industrial use, vacant lots, or vacant land for other purposes, we’ll be happy to take a look at it. We buy ranches, land, and property all across Texas, including Fort Worth, Plano, Dallas, Arlington, Houston, Austin, and the surrounding areas. We take everything into consideration before making an offer because, simply put, we value land!

We’ve helped many people in many different cities, and we make it a tradition to make the process as convenient and easy for our clients. Read online testimonials and reviews from our previous customers, and see what we offered.

Contact us today to find out more about our service, and see how fast you’ll be able to sell your property or your land and move on with your life!

Sell My Property Cash Texas

Blue Ridge
Cedar Hill

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Farmers Branch

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Lake Dallas
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North Richland Hills
Pilot Point
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Sell Your Vacant Land In Texas The Simple Way

cash land buyers Texas Texas

Competitive Cash Offer

When you sell your property or land, we offer a competitive offer that matches market prices. You can have the cash in your hand fast – within days.

company that buys land Texas Texas

Close When You Want

When we buy vacant lots or land, we work on your schedule. You decide! If you’re in a rush, we can work fast! Sell the land on your timeline.

cash for land Texas Texas

No Repairs Needed

If you need to sell fast for cash and can’t afford to clean up the land or fix the entrance gate, leave that to us! We buy vacant land or property “as-is.”

fast cash for my vacant land Texas Texas

No Need To Clean

 Need to sellyour land? No need to clean! We buy land as-is. No hassle, no stress. Just contact us, and we’ll take care of everything. Sell your land easily with us!

fast cash for my land Texas Texas

No Commissions Or Fees

If you sell vacant land the traditional route, one of the disadvantages is some of your profit goes to commissions and fees. When we buy your vacant land and make an offer, all that money goes into your pocket.

fast cash for land Texas Texas

We Buy In “As-Is” Condition

If your property is looking a little run-down, don’t worry. We’ll evaluate it, pay you cash, and purchase it “as-is.” Any kind of renovating or cleaning, we’ll take care of.

When you sell vacant lots or land to companies that pay cash, it’s a stress-free and fast process that will put you at ease! The difference between us and the traditional route is we take care of all the work, from the nitty-gritty details to the heavy lifting, like cleaning up the property. Our process is straightforward and smooth, without the usual headaches that come with selling property.

selling my land for cash Texas Texas

Advantages Of A Cash Land Buying Company In Texas

You have land that you need to sell. But you just don’t have time or money to hire a team to clear the land and make fixes. Just the gate and the fence will cost you more than you have, and you have mouths to feed and bills to pay. You also don’t want the hassle of dealing with agents and appraisals. You’d like to sell the land fast and get cash.

That’s where we can help. As investors in real estate, we have tons of knowledge about different kinds of properties and can give you a fair offer on your land. We won’t lowball you or play games. When we buy your land, you’ll get a fast and easy process. Interested in learning more? Contact us and fill out our form.

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sell your land for cash Texas Texas

Selling Property For Cash FAQ’s In Texas

Why is a cash offer better for a seller?

When you sell your lot or land, a cash offer is often better because the transaction is simpler and faster than the traditional real estate route. You also don’t need to wait for the bank to approve anything. Moreover, you’ll get a reasonable cash offer without owner financing issues or delays.

Can you sell your vacant land in 5 days?

Yes, it’s possible to sell vacant lots or land in as little as five days if you work with a cash buyer like us! We offer fast transactions without realtors, so you can move quickly. The whole process can take weeks, days, or even hours!

What is the fastest way to sell vacant land?

The fastest way to sell your vacant lot or land is to work with a cash buyer who can evaluate your property and make you a fair cash offer. When you choose this route, you won’t have to go through buyer financing approvals. This means a faster sale without any of the usual hold-ups.

Is selling vacant land for cash a good idea?

It can be a great idea to sell vacant lots or land for fast cash. You won’t have the uncertainties that come with buyer financing or the long waiting periods experienced with traditional sales. If you need the cash fast, sell to a cash land buyer.

The Easiest Way To Sell Land In Texas

Sell your land for cash with our “cash for land” offering brings lots of benefits for landowners. Plus, you’ll get a fast, hassle-free transaction that puts cash in your hands within days or weeks, wherever you’re located. We’ll handle all the details, including the landscaping and cleaning. What’s more, our cash offer comes with no obligations. You can take it or leave it. But if you like it, simply fill out our form to get started.

Sell Your Texas Property Fast For Cash Today!

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